Donna Francavilla, founder of boutique PR firm, Frankly Speaking Communications LLC, won 5 first place awards in the state-wide yearly competition within  Alabama Media Professionals and the most prestigious award given by the organization.

Francavilla was announced as the 2016 Alabama Media Professionals Communicator of Achievement Award at the Awards Banquet held at The Club in Birmingham. The Communicator of Achievement Award is presented to journalists based on professional achievement, community service, and service to the organization. The winner of this award represents the AMP Chapter at the NFPW.  Francavilla has worn many hats as an entrepreneur with her boutique PR firm, Frankly Speaking Communications, LLC, as a public relations professional, talk show host, blogger, writer, podcaster, and audio/video specialist.

She has filed stories from around the world (Cuba, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, to name a few) for organizations like Agence France Presse, Voice of America, the Oprah Show and CBS News. She showed her dedication to reporting while on vacation when she broke the news of a mudslide after being airlifted by helicopter with her daughter in Peru.  

“Francavilla is the first to win the Communicator of Achievement Award since 2009. Verna Gates was the previous nominee and was runner-up to American icon syndicated lifestyle columnist Heloise and won a lifetime achievement award from NFPW.” Francavilla will be featured in an upcoming article in B-Metro Magazine.  

Her awards at the state level including:

On-the-scene report (news, features, sports) - Radio: 1st for “Alabama BBQ”;

Prepared report (news, features, sports, or opinion) - Radio: 1st- “Brawl at City Hall”;

Special programming - Radio:  1st- “Confederate flag comes down”;

Interview (Radio or television show): 1st-, “Charles Barkley with Donna Francavilla on the Richard Dixon show”;

Talk show (radio or television): 1st- “Radio talk show hosting” :Radio and television advertising - Radio;

3rd- BBQ at the Zoo in the Community, institutional or internal relations category.

Watch for an upcoming story in B-Metro Magazine. 

Good Luck to you Donna as you represent AMP well at the NFPW!