2016 AMP Award Winners Revealed by Mark Mayfield at April's Awards Luncheon

Mark Mayfield, an early editor of USA Today and author, served as our emcee.

All those who won in the state level are eligible to compete in the 2016 NFPW Communications Contest.

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners. 

News Story - Online Publication

1st Mary Wimberley, “Flipped classroom concept gets traction at Samford”

2nd Mary Wimberley, “Children’s of Alabama, Samford Pharmacy researchers study data to help serve patients”

 Editorial / Opinion - Magazine, newsletter, or other non-newspaper print publication

 1st Meredith Cummings, “Here’s to you, YouTube”

 Feature story - Magazine, newsletter, or other non-newspaper print publication

 1st Olivia Grider, “The road to redemption”

2nd Meredith Cummings, “Past and present hit”

3rd Tie: Meredith Cummings, “Restoring history”

3rd Tie: Jane Henry, “Keeping dad’s legacy alive”

HM Nancy Dorman-Hickson, “Dolphins in the wind”

 Feature story - online publication

 1st Solomon Crenshaw Jr. “there’s nothing like tailgating at the Magic City Classic”

2nd Mary Wimberley, “Samford students learn much from Jan Term experience”

 Personality profile - 500 words or fewer

 1st Nancy Dorman-Hickson, “She wrote the book”

 Personality profile - More than 500 words

 1st Solomon Crenshaw Jr., “Preston Goldfarb: This has been one of the greatest loves of my life … Now it’s time to move on”

2nd Kathryne McDorman, “Visionary talent”

3rd Olivia Grider, “Drawing on the past”

 Specialty articles - Agriculture, Agribusiness, Aquaculture

 1st Nancy Dorman-Hickson, “Counting sheep and blessings; apples blossom in North Carolina”

2nd Elaine Hobson Miller, “St. Clair ranch home to head-turning Longhorns; Shel-Clair Farms: Cattle drives and scenic trails”

 Specialty articles - Arts and entertainment

 1st Mary Eloise Leake, “Rising Up”

 Specialty articles - Business

 2nd Olivia Grider, “Tastes like a brighter future; Discreet Distinction”

 Specialty articles - Education

 1st Olivia Grider, “Coping power; CollegeFirst”

2nd Nancy Dorman-Hickson, “Cut ‘em down, swathers; saddle up”

 Specialty articles - Food

 1st Nancy Dorman-Hickson, “What lies below; an epicure perspective:”

 Specialty articles - History

 1st Kathryne McDorman, “Hallowed beauty; more than meets the eye”

 Specialty articles - Social issues

 1st Nancy Dorman-Hickson, “A crying shame; saints of lunatics”

2nd Olivia Grider, “LIFT; Social work students go to Washington”

 Specialty articles - Sports

 1st Solomon Crenshaw Jr. “Lee-Montgomery’s 6-foot-9 Tommy Burton Jr. stood tallest when he helped his ailing mother; Mortimer Jordan volunteer assistant coach fights back from partial paralysis”

 Columns - General

2nd Allison Adams, “Lake Living column: Embracing Independence; Jumping the moon”

 Publications regularly edited by entrant - Magazine, newsletter, or other non-newspaper publication

 1st Olivia Grider, “Lookout Alabama magazine Fall 2015 and Spring 2015 issues”

 Page design - Magazine, newsletter, or other non-newspaper publication

 1st Olivia Grider, Visionary Talent; Lovely Lula”


1st Meredith Cummings, “Peaceful perch”

2nd Olivia Grider, “Bee Smart”

3rd Meredith Cummings, “Grape Expectations”

 On-the-scene report (news, features, sports) - Radio

1st Donna Francavilla, “Alabama BBQ”

 Prepared report (news, features, sports, or opinion) - Radio

 1st Donna Francavilla, “Brawl at City Hall”

 Special programming - Radio

 1st Donna Francavilla, “Confederate flag comes down”

 Interview (Radio or television show)

 1st Donna Francavilla, “Charles Barkley with Donna Francavilla on the Richard Dixon show”

 Talk show (radio or television)

1st Donna Francavilla, “Radio talk show hosting”

 Blogs - Personal

 1st Allison Adams, Explore Alabama’s Back Roads, Happy National Realtor Day

2nd Williesha Morris, Nerdy-Thirty Something

3rd Meredith Cummings, Why Alabama’s Homecoming still matters to me; A bridge is not far enough: Teaching my daughter the truth about Selma”

HM Tie: Elaine Hobson Miller, Rock Growing; Denali and the Name Game

HM Tie: Williesha Morris, My Freelance Life

 Web site edited or managed by entrant - nonprofit, government or educational

1st Tina Tidmore, OMF website redesign

 Web site edited or managed by entrant - corporate or for-profit

1st Tina Tidmore, Paige Patterson website

3rd Tina Tidmore, ACE Plumbing Services website

 Social Media Campaign - Corporate or for-profit

 1st Lauren Lockhart, B-Metro’s Social Media Roadblock: 2015 Fall Community Showcase

2nd Lauren Lockhart, Michelson Mondays

Videos for Website - Nonprofit, government, or educational

1st Tina Tidmore, OMF Video

 Videos for Website - Corporate or for-profit

HM Tina Tidmore, Shel-Clair video for website and social media

 Radio and television advertising - Radio

3rd: Donna Francavilla, BBQ at the Zoo

 Community, institutional or internal relations

HM: Tina Tidmore, AMP Reunion


1st Nancy Dorman-Hickson, Jennifer Walker Journey & Jane Ehrhardt~ UAB Public Health, Fall 2015

2nd Nancy Dorman-Hickson, Jennifer Walker Journey & Jane Ehrhardt~ UAB Public Health, Winter 2015

3rd Olivia Grider, Service Learning Magazine

 Brochures - Corporate or for-profit

 HM: Tina Tidmore, IMC brochure and insert

 Catalogs, manuals and handbooks

 HM: Allison Adams, Bark in the Park

 Sweepstakes Award

 Second place – Nancy Dorman-Hickson

Third place – Meredith Cummings

 Sweepstakes Award Winner

Olivia Grider