March 10 - How to Find the Next Great Job/Client Summary

Twenty attended the March meeting with group discussion and networking at the Homewood Library. Communications professional veterans and novices learned from each other on how to find more and better clients as well as prospective employers. 

It was agreed that organizations such as AMP are a great way to network and be at the right place at the right time. Anywhere these organizations assemble is a legitimate "to do" and an obvious plus as with each meeting you become colleagues and not "job seekers". 

LinkedIn has been proved and a story was shared where it benefited one of our members. 

Depending on the financial need, as shared by a member, "content mill" or freelance referral websites are an opportunity for regular income. As the projects expand the pay can be raised according to skill and clients are willing to comply. 

Forming relationships with other freelancers is a plus. We all understand each others needs and how to work together. Website developers, seminar training professionals, writers, photographers, videographers, broadcast and media professionals all are able to work together for a common goal. 

Make sure to come check us out on the second Thursday of the month at the Homewood Library and see how you can network and propel your career and meet some like-minded creative professionals.