Commercial Photography

Below find AMP members who include commercial photography (photos for advertisements and PR campaigns) in their primary areas of expertise:

Available for more freelance work.
Joseph DeSciose has been a professional photographer for more than 20 years. His expertise includes photography in horticultural, travel, features, and commercial imagery. He was a senior photographer at Southern Living magazine for more than five years and was the principal photographer for three books. Joe frequently photographs for local publications and companies.

  • Three primary areas of expertise: Photojournalism, Commercial Photography, Portrait Photography
  • Based in the Birmingham area. 
  • AMP member since 2015.
  • Contact through Email or his Website or phone 205-226-7232.

Available for more freelance work.
Karen Downs has been a professional photographer, photo editor and researcher for more than 20 years. She was photography coordinator at Southern Accents, Coastal Living and Entree Magazines for 13 years. She's comfortable establishing working relationship with agents, public relations professionals and news agencies. She has extensive photographer contacts worldwide and expert Photoshop skills.

  • Three primary areas of expertise: Photojournalism, Portraiture, Commercial Photography
  • Based in the Birmingham area. 
  • AMP member since 2016.
  • Contact through Email or her LinkedIn Profile or phone 205-837-1260.

AMP provides membership professional profiles for information only. Anyone interested in hiring one of these communications professionals will be dealing directly with that individual. The primary expertise information is provided by the member and is not guaranteed by AMP. Of course, each member may also have other areas of expertise. We encourage you to view the member's LinkedIn profile or website to learn more. We have also provided contact information.

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