AMP/BBRC/AMA Fall Workshop
considered a success

The AMP/BBRC/AMA Fall Workshop was a success. The multi-track conference provided attendees many choices of skill-building sessions.

One attendee said he'd attended many conferences but this one was the best. He said he got enough from the first speaker to justify the cost of the conference.

Wade Kwon, of Y'all Connect talked about the collapse of the Birmingham media ecosystem. Ike Pigott, Consultant, Alabama Power talked about the Era of the Evaporating Newsroom, and the opportunities now available for freelancers.

Other topics covered included Using Twitter to Build Your Brand, Digital Automation, SCO, and an overview of the Innovation Depot & Birmingham’s Innovative ecosystem.

Stay tuned for future Alabama Media Professional’s workshops, you'll be glad you did.

Video-slideshow from the conference.


1. “Engage - Enlighten - Enjoy: Turning TV News into a Conversation,”
Pam Huff, News Anchor, ABC 33/40  ***Breakfast Keynote Speaker
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2. “Why the Birmingham media ecosystem collapse is a good thing,”
Wade Kwon, Y’all Connect Founder and Conference Organizer ***Lunch Keynote Speaker
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3. “The Era of the Evaporating Newsroom,” 
Ike Pigott, Consultant, Alabama Power
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Sponsors for Navigating Today's Media.

Sponsors for Navigating Today's Media.

4. “Perfecting Your Pitch: How to get the Media to Notice You, Your Business and Your Press Release,”
Chanda Temple, Director of Public Relations, The Birmingham Public Library
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5. “Dynamic Strategies for Conversion and Consumer Engagement,”
Martin Murphy, Founder and CEO of Whiteboard IT
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6. “WordPress 101, Word Press 102,” Jeff Wilson, Owner, SBM Systems
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7. "WordPress 102,” Jeff Wilson, Owner, SBM Systems
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8. “Joomla” Jeff Wilson, Owner, SBM Systems
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 9. “Know Your Audience: Which Social Media Platform is Best For You?”
Ed Bowser, Community Engagement Specialist for the Birmingham Hub of Alabama Media Group
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10. “The Future of Digital Media,”
Ryan Kindahl, Producer, 2threefive, A Motion Picture Company
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11. “Designing Publications in MS Publisher,”
Tina Tidmore, Communications Specialist, Tidmore Communications
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12. "Low Cost High Impact Marketing for Growing your business,"
Lisa Beck, Executive Vice-President, AloStar Bank of Commerce
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13. "Power SEO:Advanced Search Engine Optimization Techniques & Common Pitfalls,” Chase Bowers, Owner, Rank Engine
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14. “Innovation Depot & Birmingham’s Innovation Ecosystem,” Devon Laney, President & CEO, Innovation Depot
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15. “Using Twitter to Build Your Brand or Business,” Kara Kennedy, Director of External Affairs, Brock School, Samford University
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16. “Getting started in Marketing Digital Automation,” Andrea Walker, Digital Strategist
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17. “People Not Pageviews: Why Relationships Are Key To Building Your Blog, Brand, or Business,” Javacia Harris Bowser, Founder, See Jane Write
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In other AMP News

September AMP Speaker

Virginia Jones of Virginia Jones Photography was the speaker at the September Alabama Media Professionals meeting.

Virginia is also a blogger who posts pictures of people, landmarks, buildings, and other subjects about Birmingham.

Through her daily blog, she has met people all over the world. She gave tips on how to build a successful blog and build an audience.

Visit her blog at

or her website at





 AMP Pitches for NFPW Conference in 2017

The NFPW Board met in Birmingham in March for its spring meeting. During their visit, past AMP president Elaine Miller, in an effort to make Birmingham the city for the NFPW National Conference in 2017, highlighted the amenities and attractions the city has to offer.

Elaine Miller at NFPW Board meeting

Elaine Miller at NFPW Board meeting

"This was a grand opportunity to network with NFPW members from across the USA," Elaine said. They came in from Nebraska, Idaho, Virginia & DC area, Illinois, South Carolina, Kansas and other areas. She encouraged incoming AMP officers to meet with the national officers as well as headquarters staff to support the effort. 

Elaine was the visionary and driving force behind the effort to land the conference in Birmingham and she worked long hours planning the agenda for the national board members.

The board members visited Vulcan Park, The Civil Rights Museum, the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame, the 16th Street Baptist Church and other destinations.

The NFPW should make a decision in coming months on where the conference will be held.