The AMP Fall Workshop coming together

Donna Francavilla, AMP VP of professional development is working on the fall conference which is scheduled for October 23, 2014

The conference will be an all-day event with multiple sessions, multiple tracks, event designed to bring together a unique group of media specialists, trainers, and media consumers. 

The conference will be at the Innovation Depot in Birmingham.

Sponsorships, vendors, and media outlets should contact Donna Francavilla 

Details are still being formulated so check back often to find out about this exciting event.

 AMP Pitches for NFPW Conference in 2017

The NFPW Board met in Birmingham in March for the annual meeting. During their visit, past AMP president Elaine Miller, in an effort to make Birmingham the city for the NFPW National Conference in 2017, she highlighted the amenities and attractions the city has to offer.

Elaine Miller at NFPW Board meeting

Elaine Miller at NFPW Board meeting

"This was a grand opportunity to network with NFPW members from across the USA," Elaine said. They came in from Nebraska, Idaho, Virginia & DC area, Illinois, South Carolina, Kansas and other areas. She encouraged incoming AMP officers to meet with the national officers as well as headquarters staff to support the effort. 

Elaine was the visionary and driving force behind the effort to land the conference in Birmingham and she worked long hours planning the agenda for the national board members.

The board members visited Vulcan Park, The Civil Rights Museum, the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame, the 16th Street Baptist Church and other destinations.

The NFPW should make a decision in coming months on where the conference will be held.